This project was for the addition and expansion of a very small, existing log cabin structure in a log community. The client’s original structure was a mere 896 square feet. The design challenge was to increase the space within the limits of the 20-foot wide lake-front site to update the structure for current day use. An additional 898 square feet was added with the interior spaces reconfigured to expand the dining room area with existing fireplace, add a new kitchen and gathering room at the rear of the home and to create a new master bedroom, bath and hall bath above the kitchen expansion. The home’s original staircase was similar to a ship’s ladder and needed a completely new design. The original 800 feet of existing space was reconfigured to include a living room, powder room, closet and mechanical room. The new kitchen/gathering room area was stepped down approximately 12″ to gain greater height for the spaces. The design retains the log home’s “authentic” look, maintains the roof line and works with melding the existing log work with the new construction.


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