Bigger isn’t always better…often it’s the small elements that produce the most memorable results. Today, more and more, the trend in residential design is more detail. Our residential clients are expressing more interest in the intimate feeling evoked by lower line roofs, the Old World flavor of French Country styling, less use of stucco and more use of varied textures in exterior design. Inside the home it’s all about how families live today. The once obligatory formal living room is giving way to a more useful space such as a cozy den, efficiently designed home office, or first floor playroom for the whole family. Volume ceilings are being replaced by ten-foot ceiling heights that still allow for dramatic window design. Kitchens are larger than ever, validating their position as the family-center of the home. Bonus rooms… call them morning rooms, sunrooms or estate rooms, take their place as a second gathering spot that is more casual and more comfortable than the formal parlor. At Holliday Architects we listen closely to our clients, explore carefully the way they want to live, and get them intimately involved in planning those elements that add personality and detail to their homes.